Update on Hutto’s Cottonwood Properties

May 12, 2023
Staff Reports

The Hutto Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) has set its sights on developing the entirety of the Cottonwood Properties, beyond the much publicized “Project E.”  

The Cottonwood Properties stretch across 250 acres just north of US 79, between Fritz Park and CR 132. Project E occupied 42 acres in the southeast corner of the Cottonwood Properties, adjacent to CR 132.  

The private developer of Project E was in talks with a national grocery store chain the past few months. However, that grocer had a long lead time to open—well over two years. In addition, the City must nail down infrastructure designs, such as traffic signal locations and access points, before any development project at the intersection of CR 132 and US 79 can move forward.  

At this point, the Project E developer continues talks with various retailers, potentially including the national grocery chain. Simultaneously, HEDC is actively marketing the entirety of the Cottonwood Properties.  

Hutto remains focused on securing additional grocery, dining and shopping facilities at Cottonwood and beyond. For example, Hutto representatives are headed to the one of the world’s largest conference of retailers this month, ICSC, where there will be opportunities to discuss a mixture of retail options for the Hutto community.  

HEDC Board Chairman Don Carlson said the ICSC conference in Las Vegas comes at a perfect time for Hutto.   

“We can’t wait to showcase potential development projects for the Cottonwood Properties at ICSC,” Carlson said. “We are confident the market is ready for Hutto to strategically grow its retail offerings.”  

Toward late summer, staff will bring retail development proposals stemming from ICSC to the HEDC Board to discuss and select the best options.  

Bob Farley, director of economic development for the City of Hutto, added that talks are already in progress with other developers interested in purchasing parts of the Cottonwood Properties for retail development.  

“We are widening our tenant scope and broadening the opportunities for Hutto,” Farley said. “The Cottonwood Properties are now on a clean slate, and the possibilities are endless.” 

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