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Austin and its surrounding areas are known for their high quality of life and more affordable cost of living compared to national and state averages. Even as part of the Greater Austin MSA, Hutto maintains affordability for residents, including lower median home prices than both Austin and its surrounding communities.

According to Bestplaces.net's 2022 Cost of Living Calculator, Hutto boasts a median home cost of 35% less than Austin and over 10% less than many surrounding communities. Overall, Hutto is 14.9% cheaper than Austin.

The following table shows comparisons between Hutto and other cities in the Austin MSA. The index uses 100 as the US average, where numbers below 100 are cheaper than the US average, and numbers above 100 are more expensive than the US average.




Median Home Cost









Round Rock








Despite having a cost of living slightly higher than the US average, living in Hutto affords all the perks of the Austin area but at a more affordable rate. This allows for more disposable income, savings and investment, and security for Hutto residents.

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Hutto is unique when it comes to owning a home, as the vast majority of Hutto residents are homeowners. Homeownership in Hutto is at a much higher rate than in both Texas and the nation, which is around 63%.

Median Home Cost

Housing is also more affordable in Hutto than in Austin and its surrounding communities, making the dream of homeownership a reality for residents.

  • 35.3% Less than Austin

  • 19.1% Less than Round Rock

  • 8.9% Less than Pflugerville

  • 83.36% Owners

  • 16.64% Renters

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Abundant Housing Options

Hutto offers a range of housing options with plenty of new construction in master-planned communities, homes in established neighborhoods, and undeveloped land. 

Residents choosing to rent in Hutto have a number of options, including home rentals, luxury apartments, and duplexes.